About Us

I.Am.Hip.Hop Online aims to highlight the latest News, Exclusive Interviews, Music, Videos, Events, Album reviews, Fashion and overall culture in the world of Hip Hop. This platform will embrace established as well as upcoming Artists and Producers / Beatmakers, and provide a digital space for them to share their music with fans from across the world; giving music fans an audio visual experience like no other. Along with giving artists from all over the country/continent/globe opportunities to hear their  peers’ offerings, I.AM.HIPHOP also seeks to create an enabling environment for international musical There will be a music portal where fans will be able to listen and download new music collaboration as well as giving unprecedented access to limited edition LPs, EPs, mixtapes etc.

Our mission is to make I.Am.Hip.Hop Online the number one-stop-shop on the continent, where people can come and get their fix on what’s relevant and vibrant in the world of Hip Hop through content that is both engaging and relatable. We invite all stakeholders to contribute towards the growth and quality of South African- originated international hip hop reportage by sharing your latest and exclusive news, music, articles, reviews and event information.